How to get free traffic from YouTube


Are you getting hurdles to get traffic from YouTube? Though your content is powerful, the audience pool isn’t growing. Here is an article that gives you every point about what you need to know to get traffic from YouTube. If you are looking for traffic from YouTube, it will be the best thing because YouTube is the second most popular website following Facebook. 

YouTube is called ‘Gold mine for internet marketers’. A million users use YouTube as entertaining platforms, some of them use it as a teacher, and some also use it for marketing and audience capturing. Catchier thumbnails, video’s description and titles, interaction in the comments section, giveaway challenges, video, and sound qualities in your channel gives you more audience, and you can push them on your website easily via following some simple steps. 

Here are some quick steps that give you free traffic from YouTube: –

Video blogging is a very good thing that can gather a huge number of audiences, but before starting this, you will have to know about audio and video editing that makes your video perfect and attractive. You can hire a professional editor to give the final touch to your video as well.

For maintaining the audio quality, you can use a podcasting mic or professional mics that make your audio quality better because audio is the most important part of your video.

Video Content: – You need to avoid controversial things like politics, religion, and celebrity gossip. But if your web content is related to the controversy, then it is good. You can add your video to various communities of YouTube that can enhance your content. You may use the analytic tools of YouTube that can introduce the broader dimension of the YT community. You can delete your comments that can harm your loyal audience poll.

Watch others and learn: – This is the most important thing. You can learn from other YouTubers and take your knowledge a level up. Vimeo, Google plus are also great options that boost your traffic. These sites can expose your video to another audience. You need to specify your channel with your main page. They need to associate each other. 

Create Attractive Thumbnails: – Decorate your channel with some attractive ideas, innovative and informative videos, and a talent that attracts people more easily. YouTube gives you three thumbnails to put on your videos, but you have to be sincere that eye-catching thumbnails turn your video clickbait. If you don’t have any content to open your channel, you can take an interview with a singer, artist, dancer, poet, etc.  

Interact with your targeted audience:- 

You do interact with your targeted audience and not lose them with some vagabond move. And here is something that you can use to create your bridge like PDF, 30 days plan(workout), email series, courses, etc. You can give a link on the channel’s homepage that offers a visitor to get your plans/ courses/ case study, etc., is called channel art link. The art link is probably shown on the top side of the homepage. 

Free e-books:-  If anyone visits your channel, he or she can see this link easily. Some of the You Tubers give their free e-books here. You can use cards also that is much effective than a link in your description box or channel’s homepage. It turns your link clickbait. Therefore, using a card is more preferable than rest other. You also put the website link in the description box for the hunting audience. Visitors go to the description box for looking out the link. You should put the link at the beginning of your description.

Add call-to-action: – At every end of your video, you can add call-to-action (CTA) that brings good traffic. You should be careful while CTA, which reduces the risk of someone who hears your URL wrong. You can put verbal audio by showing the URL on the screen.

Interact with your audience, know about what they want or not. You need to be familiar with your followers; therefore, you need to interact in the comment box. Suggestions from followers will help you to make out with your audience. 

Create Playlists: – You can create playlists; playlists give a lot of similar things that help you to hold a user for a long time. You need to be careful while editing start and end time. Users should not be irritated in any way. Your page also should be user-friendly. Putting annotation is another important tactic to attract traffic without the reading description box as well.

You can make your roll that can use as a trailer, collecting clips from all videos and gather them; put them at the very end of the video. You could include keywords to enhance your content, use popular related hashtags, and make sure those are valuable. Keywords help you to bring your video rankings also.

Tube Buddy: – You can start using Tube Buddy. It helps you to know the perfect time for uploading a video, how to increase your video rankings, tags that you can use, and many other cool YouTube tricks. These pints are help full to attract YouTube traffic. Visitors may visit your video and watch and enjoy it.


Undoubtedly as you know, YouTube is the best platform to get traffic into your website, but also YouTube can give you good earning from it. If you learn how to manage your channel, you automatically get those points that bring you more traffic. By following those given tips, you can see your growing view counts, subscribers, and your website traffic. They all will be growing by leaps and bounds. 

Google recently undertook YouTube, and the popularity of YouTube is growing unboundedly. Google search engine also gives you a boost, but you need to grow your ranking first. You can follow those given steps to boost traffic easily.

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