7 best options trading books

best options trading books

Options trading is a strange and complicated investment activity for many individuals. Fortunately, there are a plethora of instructive books on the subject that assist traders to understand options and profit from them. Here are seven of the most well-known books:

1) Options as a Strategic Investment by Lawrence McMillan

Lawrence McMillan’s 1980 classic, “Options as a Strategic Investment,” is widely regarded as the Bible of options trading. It teaches traders how to use practical option trading strategies to reduce risk and increase profit potential. It contains almost 1,000 pages of information on individual options strategies and the market conditions in which they operate best. The book delves into how to use options as a hedge and how tax regulations apply to earnings and losses from options trading. McMillan also provides in-depth guidance on trading index options, futures options, and market volatility measurement. 

2) How to Make Money Trading Options: 

Non-Directional Strategies for Income Generation Balkrishna M. Sadekar wrote the book How to Make Money Trading Options. He’s the founder of an educational firm that teaches people how to trade stocks. He has an engineering degree and uses candlestick charts to combine technology and investor psychology study. This book explains how to use non-directional trading to generate consistent income. It does not necessitate relying on stock and market forecasting. It introduces the concept and nature of non-directional options trading, as well as tactics that may be readily replicated to generate monthly income.

3) The Options Playbook, Expanded 2nd Edition

The Options Playbook is just what you need if you’re seeking a straightforward, concise, and easy-to-understand guide on options trading. This book lays down more than 40 of the most popular options strategies in a way that novice and expert traders can understand. The book begins by discussing and presenting basic definitions and concepts that should get even the most inexperienced reader up to speed for the next chapters. Moving deeper into the site, you’ll find a section dedicated to experienced traders, where practical options trading methods and data are handled in plain, straightforward language.

4) Trading Options For Dummies

Trading Options For Dummies gets down to business with facts, techniques, and charts that will help you make the best bets and generate big returns in today’s challenging markets. This book will show you how to reduce the dangers of options trading by analyzing the costs and rewards and developing a long-term plan that will keep you ahead of the game. If you’re new to the world of options trading, you should get this book and educate yourself with the vocabulary and concepts of the profession.

5) Options Trading: A Beginner’s Guide- Basics and Tips

Most option trading books claim to provide beneficial knowledge to both novice and expert traders to assist them to make the best investment selections possible. Most of these books, on the other hand, largely ignore the beginning by moving on to facts and minutiae that they will struggle to keep up with. The ideal books for beginners who want to learn how to trade options are difficult to come across. However, because this book concentrates on getting newcomers started on the correct track with clear and precise language, many readers see it as one of the best books on options trading for beginners.

6) Option Volatility and Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques

This is the second edition of the bestselling Option Volatility and Pricing, which is one of the exclusive options trading books to include actual trades, figures, and tables based on real market data and market conditions. This edition has updated and enlarged data and tactics for options trading, which should put you on the right road and make it simple to spot good investing chances.

7) The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund 

Dennis A. Chen and Mark Sebastian’s The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund is another excellent options trading book. A hedge fund manager and an option trading coach collaborated on this book. They set out on their mission to teach readers how to trade options successfully. They show how to sell options, manage options trades, and build option portfolios to make a stable and consistent income. The authors provide real-world examples to communicate their concepts and describe how to run your hedge fund with options as its core. The book also shows how to use a basic framework and essential business model, as well as principles, to earn continuous profits in the insurance industry. The writers also offer a comprehensive operations manual for starting your own company. In summary, this book is appropriate for both novice and advanced options traders.


Options trading is the most difficult area of the market, and it can turn you into a hero or a zero in an instant. Although there are numerous publications available to teach you the fundamentals and advanced theory of options trading, simply understanding theory and applying it in the real world will not guarantee you a better outcome. Choose the proper platform to learn how to trade in the real market quickly and successfully with expert help and advice. You won’t find a good trader making continuous profits if you look for folks who made their money solely by reading books. Learn from books, but don’t put off learning on that particular day. Options trading is a type of trading in which the risk is great but the profit is big, and the capital is little. So, here’s where you can learn more about it. Selling out-of-the-money put and call options are the most effective option strategy. This options strategy offers a high possibility of profit, and you can lower risk by using credit spreads. This method, if executed effectively, can offer annual returns of 40%. Too many traders get pulled into get-rich-quick schemes when looking for the best profitable option technique. You will only lose money if you fall for the traps of false gurus and scams. This is why, before investing in any option type, an investor should have the correct information, genuine market data, and facts to help them make the best trading option judgments.

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